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HVAC consultants since 1977


Servicing and Repairs

Quebec is a place where temperatures are extreme. During the winter season, temperature can drop down to -40 ° C while in summer, it can reach up to + 40 ° C. At Konsultec, we know how important comfort is for our customers. Our clientele is mainly composed of businesses, enterprises and production plants. Therefore, our mission is to ensure that customers of these businesses can shop in a temperate environment while employees of these companies and production plants enjoy a comfortable climate in their work place.


The quality of our service is the reason why we are still in business today. Indeed, Konsultec has built its reputation on the excellent service it was able to provide its customers year after year. We are proud to have customers who are with us since the very beginning!


Konsultec has mastered the art of HVAC systems repairs. Indeed, our technicians are able to repair air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating whether it is for residential, commercial or industrial use.


Whatever your problem is, contact us and we will help you!

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