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Preventive maintenance


Preventive maintenance is often an aspect that is overlooked by the owners of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The objective of preventive maintenance is to maintain the system in good operating condition to lengthen as much as possible its life. In addition, any HVAC system is equipped with an air filtration system that has the role to trap dust particles to provide a superior air quality. Therefore, for this system to be effective, filters must be changed regularly.

















When a technician from Konsultec performs preventive maintenance, these tasks include:


The necessary adjustment of ventilation controls

  • Oil or grease the bearings

  • Insure there is no refrigerant leakage, to avoid polluting the atmosphere

  • Clean the condensate drain and down the pipes

  • Check the amperage of the system to ensure that energy consumption is low

  • Check the refrigerant pressure

  • Change filters

  • Check the drive belt, adjust or replace if necessary


Preventive maintenance is also the time when technicians can detect small problems and avoid the latter turns into major problems thus saving customers time and money.

Certain insurance companies offer their clients, premium reduction on (?…?) insurance policies to all holders on preventive maintenance contracts.


Our preventive maintenance service also includes a spring and a fall Inspection.

Spring Inspection


Spring marks the transition between the winter season and summer season. For your HVAC system, this means moving from heating to cooling mode. To facilitate the transition, Konsultec offers a spring inspection to make sure everything is in order to start the summer season. This inspection therefore includes:


  • Starting and inspecting the refrigeration system

  • Checking compressor(s) and operations

  • Checking line pressures ''suction'' and ''liquid'' 

  • Stop the gas pilot


** To this, is added all tasks included in a normal preventive maintenance


Autumn inspection


Fall marks the transition between summer and winter. This means, for your HVAC system, moving from cooling mode to heating mode. To do this, we offer our customers service to ensure that everything is in order to start the winter season. This inspection therefore includes:


  • Starting and inspecting of the gas pilot

  • The inspection of the burners and heat exchangers (for physical cracks)

  • Inspection of the engine of the combustion gas exhaust fan motor


** To this, is added all tasks included in a normal preventive maintenance


 Konsultec therefore offers its customers a preventative maintenance service of superior quality at very competitive prices. Contact us and we will be happy to meet with you and to take inventory of your equipment in order to offer you a free quote!

Dirty filter

Clean filter

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